Photo Retouch / Compositing

You can enhance the effectiveness of your message by including photographs in whatever media you use to communicate with your market. If you have a product to sell, you will want to include photos of that item. Your advertising message can have more punch with the right choice of graphics.

Whether you choose to employ a professional photographer or take the photos yourself, it is most likely that the photo will need some sort of retouching before you use it. BoyDog Design can retouch your photos – size them, eliminate flaws, enhance the appearance, or change their file format to conform with specific processing requirements. And if you want to “go for it”, we can use your photos to create just about anything that comes to mind.

Multiple photos can be transformed into one combined shot. Prototypes of potential products can be realized photographically by using pieces of existing products from existing photos to give you a glimpse of what that great idea might actually look like. Sometimes tweaking a photo is all you need instead of adding to your costs by re-doing a shot in a subsequent photo shoot.

If you’re curious as to how a little Photoshop magic can help you out with your next project, give me a call and I’ll be happy to go over your options. Not only can photo retouching or compositing save you money, it can also open up the door to a more creative design solution.

Here are a few samples:

  • Step 1 - Photos used for compositeThe original photos
  • Step 2 - Initial compositingThe goal was to show how an install would look. Two freeze dryers were to be installed on two floors.
  • Step 3 - Final compositeThis composite allowed the purchaser to see how the equipment would look when installed. Shows wall cutaways and how they will be attached.
  • Parts of a labFor an ad we needed a fully stocked lab - with specific equipment in mind. Unfortunately we did not have access to a lab for a photo shoot. Solution - Cut out, scan, silhouette, place, size, and colorize individual pieces of equipment to make a photo of a fully stocked lab.
  • Finished photoThis is our fully stocked lab ready for the ad.
  • Look Familiar adFinished ad.
  • Laboratory equipment panel graphicsBy mocking up and placing graphics on laboratory equipment BEFORE final printing and installation we were able to see what it might look like.
Step 1 - Photos used for composite1 Step 2 - Initial compositing2 Step 3 - Final composite3 Parts of a lab4 Finished photo5 Look Familiar ad6 Laboratory equipment panel graphics7" class="art-rss-tag-icon" title="RSS">