Business Identity

Your identity items are a basic component of business communication. Logos, business cards, stationery, presentation portfolios, etc. are all representations of your brand. Whether left behind after one-on-one communication or sent out alone, these items reflect who you are, what you do, and what you have to offer to current and potential customers.

BoyDog Design will work with you to develop your logo and identity items. If you already have a logo, but need assistance in designing business cards, stationery, etc. – I can help you with this process too. Always mindful of your brand’s image, I can develop a complete line of identity items that reflect a continuity of design and reinforce your message.

Here are some samples:

  • Logo, Business Card, Letterhead, Job TicketsGraphics used for print and web. Job tickets were 3-copy sheets.
  • Logos, Business cardGraphics for print and web.
  • Logo, Business CardGraphics for print and web.
  • LogosA good example of how the process proceeds. Starting with 3 examples and developing into a totally different design.
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