The dictionary tells us that advertising is the act of drawing public attention to traits, characteristics, and desirable qualities so as to arouse a desire to buy or patronize. Makes it sound so simple…

For as long as you can remember there was a message being sent your way to buy this or that, to favor this or that, to believe in this or that. While we all know what advertising is supposed to do, how many of you can say that you know how to do it? Have you been successful at it? Can you even measure your success? It’s the job of an advertising professional to understand you, your organization or message, to research how you fit amongst your peers and competition, and then to help you hone your message about your brand, your product or service.

Without the consistent and thoughtful use of advertising products will not sell, the brand will soon fall from memory and ultimately the business will cease to exist. Advertising is the glue that keeps your product or service stuck to the memories of your target market. It is the force that helps your product retain its position of first choice amongst your competition. It is the spark with which you light a new flame of interest that will compel someone to choose “you” instead of “them”.

Advertising gives you the ability to develop brand recognition. It is the responsibility of advertising to build that brand, nourish it, and protect it. Advertising guides how your brand will be received in this world, how it will grow, how successful it ultimately will be and how long it will be viable." class="art-rss-tag-icon" title="RSS">