Services Offered

BoyDog Design offers an array of services ranging from graphic design, advertising, web design, and marketing. Feel free to review therapy pet letter and each category to see if BoyDog Design can assist you with your next project.

To help you become familiar with the creative process I’ve put together a timeline. This process applies to all design work, whether print or web. I know it’s hard for a newbie to understand what it would be like to work with a designer. I hope this information is helpful.

Initial Meeting:

  • Familiarize myself with your product/service.
  • Explain your brand.
  • Collect current literature, ads, and web material.
  • I will need a list of media used. What product/service was featured? When did you run the ad?
  • Who are the competitors in your field?
  • What are your product’s strong points?
  • Discuss any suggestions/ideas you have for an ad, brochure, etc.
  • Discuss the initial layout of literature (number of pages, content, copy needed, art required – shoot needed, yes/no).

After our first meeting you should have a better idea of what I need in order to begin the process. I hope that you take some time to think about each question and if you have any comments or questions for me you will contact me.

Next Meeting:

  • Review dummy of ad or first draft of literature or mock-up of web material. Everything is in the very early stages now.
  • Make suggestions/changes. That’s for both of us to share input.
  • Finalize copy/art wanted (can always change at this point).

You should be starting to get a better idea of where we’re headed with your project. You have something to look at. If it’s not what you want, tell me. If you are feeling ambivalent in any way, tell me.

Next Meeting:

  • Review the project to date.
  • Start to finalize the copy so I can typeset for printing (this takes time). Now is the time to make the last bit of changes.
  • Start to finalize the art needed, set up photo shoot(s), if necessary.

Note: Literature usually requires a number of meetings to collect all of the information needed. We continue as long as it takes… up to a point.

Next Meeting:

  • Final proof of project.
  • Checking for typos, spec changes, art, etc. Look for anything and everything that you think needs to be changed/edited.

Last Meeting:

  • Everyone signs off on the project so I can do pre-production to release files to a printer or prepare for upload for web projects.
  • If I’m assisting with the printing I need a quantity for a quote.
  • Ads go to the publication via upload.
  • Literature goes to the printer via upload or CD.

Important Note: At every step of the way I can email a pdf of an ad, literature, or web piece in progress. Face to face meetings are not always necessary. You can make changes at any time and give them to me via email, fax, or upload to my cloud server.

As time goes by everyone becomes more familiar with the process and it eventually starts to proceed at a faster pace." class="art-rss-tag-icon" title="RSS">