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I just discovered and added BoyDog Design to their directory of businesses. Unlike some other online directories, ¬†managing the information you want to post was a snap. If you’re interested in spreading the word about your product or service, list your business on

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This article is based on Altimeter Group’s recent research. Worth reading…

A symptom of Obsessive Design Disorder is the overwhelming sense that you must be in tune with every (and I mean EVERY) design trend, fact, tip, event, etc. In order to accommodate that compulsion I’ve found that I’ve developed a very time consuming and folder filling obsession with online RSS feeds, email, website bookmarking, and pdf conversion of online information that I feel I cannot live without. It started out simply – a mild interest in all of the information that was now available to a designer. Voluminous sources of commentary and tips and tricks are very seductive. The pages entice you with color, art, typography and relevant copy.

It wasn’t long before emails started to pile up and I created folders for each site. RSS feeds start to accumulate and before you know it one folder can have over 5,000 posts. I’ve bookmarked numerous websites. All of them are worthy of my attention. Really, they are… But after a bit you can’t help but forget which sites you’ve added and why. I’ve found some articles so compelling that I routinely convert them to a pdf that goes into a “Reference” folder for future use. The folder is very organized and I have actually gone there for help when I’m stuck trying to use software or need a jumpstart to get the design juices flowing. Having all of these resources is very soothing in one aspect and unfortunately, stressful in another.

I’ve been going through this mass of information lately. Being brave and kulling the items I think I can live without. As long as I have the URL I can always go back and find the information I need. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. Let’s be truthful here. Being a designer requires an extraordinary ability to be organized. You have to organize your clients files – keeping track of copy, art, hours, billing, and correspondence. A client you’ve done work for two years ago will contact you for a follow-up on the last project you did for them. Can you find all of the files for that client? Are they the most up-to-date files? Can you step back into those shoes without missing a step and pick up where you left off two years ago? I’m familiar with this scenario and yes, I can do just that. Everything is at my fingertips.

Knowing that resources (all kinds of resources) are vital to your design process can hold many designers back from letting go of files, paper, online info. Ultimately, you reach a tipping point for information consumption and retainment. Once this happens your skills and effectiveness are no longer enhanced by the clutter you refer to as your reference material. The volume of these materials becomes oppressive and stress inducing. It is at this point that you must admit that you have lost the battle. The emails win. The RSS feeds have won. The websites are in charge. You have become an information hoarder. If you have the guts to admit it, it’s time to formulate a battle plan. A plan that will allow you to overcome your obsession while maintaining your ability to source your resources. I’ve started that process today. As painful as it was I hit the delete button many many times today. I will keep the website addresses and continue to receive email and RSS feeds, but I will no longer hang on to every file that comes my way. In a world where one can search online for every sort of minutia I’m sure I will adapt and thrive in my new environment. I finally realize that I am a better designer if I don’t strive to hold on to an every-growing stash of information. From now on resource material will no longer take up space in my head, my computer or my bookcase unless it’s vital and used on a regular basis. Everything else will have to camp out somewhere else and hopefully, when I need it, it will be waiting for me – one click away.

Good news for those of you who have struggled with the decision to add social media to your marketing mix. According to the Small Business Success Index small business adopted the use of social media at twice the rate of 2008 in 2009. These businesses are finding that social media offers them access to their market – enabling them to build their brand, engage their current customers, and attract new customers as well.

Here’s a link to useful information summarizing these finding:

It’s never too late to add social media to your marketing plan. BoyDog Design can assist you in sorting through the various social media sites, blogging options, directories, and more. Is it time to hone the social media persona of your business?

I continue to monitor the changing nature of our media. As a designer it’s important to stay on top of trends in design and production. More important – on a personal level – I try to source information about changing standards and practices. Lately I’ve pointed my attention to news – particularly the way it’s collected, processed, and distributed for public consumption. I’ve been trying to notice shifts in ethics, validity, and attachment to special interests. It’s a personal obsession at the moment…

I just came across this article by Edward Wasserman, published in The Miami Herald today. If you have any interest in who is writing the news, I recommend taking some time to read this. Form your own conclusions. Do your own research on the topic. I offer this link as another source of information.

Special interests write `news’

I just came across these links and thought I’d share…

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(9/15/09) Here’s a great example.

(10/9/09) UPDATE: The promotion was a huge success Рnow what?

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