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I spent most of this past Sunday reviewing all of the directories and social media outlets I’ve used in the past. Not just for me, but for a few other accounts I manage. What a process. There is one thing I’ve learned from this — you don’t need to marry your social media. It’s not a matter of till death do you part – for better or for worse – for richer or for poorer. You definitely want better, richer and let’s not go there about death. There is no need to be chained to something that no longer works for you or to be wary of finding a new social media partner. Unlike other things you can do to promote your brand, like ads, email, brochures, catalogs, trade shows, etc. social media is very fluid. The outlets you chose some time ago may not be what they were at this time. I was surprised to find out how much many of the sites, apps, and directories had changed over time. Some no longer existed.

The time aspect of social media becomes obvious pretty quickly once you dive in. You can become immersed and the next thing you know a few hours have passed. Not so great if you’re working alone. Most likely you’ve used up valuable time that should have gone toward something else. Not knowing your budget, I can understand that you may have a tough time justifying hiring someone to handle all of your social media needs. It can get pricey. You’d have to stay on top of things to make sure you’re getting a good return for your investment.

The bottomline to all of this is that I’ve come to the conclusion that while you should definitely date many social media outlets, there’s no reason to get tied down to one, or two, or three. The very fluid nature of social media is reason enough to learn to go with the flow. Pick what works best for you and your business. Learn how to work it so you get the return you’re looking for. Be sure you know exactly what that is. You need a goal in order to know if you are successful. Don’t think for a minute that once you’ve established accounts in various social media outlets that that is it. Oh no, not by a long shot. You will need to monitor it. Change with it. Change with your demographic’s perception of it. And sometimes you’ll need to lose it. Yes, it may no longer work for you. Maybe it never did. Let it go… On the flip side, maybe it’s time to revisit some outlets that you thought you didn’t need before but now will be a better fit. Your customer wasn’t into Instagram or YouTube videos a few years back, but now you know they are more likely to follow you. If you have a younger base, you have to know that they moved away from Facebook and are more likely to post and view things on Instagram, Snapchat and Periscope.

Social media requires you to be an educated user. If you don’t research its potential and vet each outlet you might be wasting your time. Who needs to dedicate hours to something that ultimately will fail? No me. Not you. Read. Read everything you can get your hands on that explains social media. You should have a full understanding of what you can and shouldn’t expect to get out of it. Realize that it’s not a genie in a computer screen. It won’t magically increase your customer base, your sales, your brand’s appeal. It can only enhance it. Or if done wrong, solidify a poor opinion. By all means, learn to be flexible. Switch it up a little. Change the time you post. The day. Change how often you post and where. Try something new. Get your customers involved. Ask for their input. Offer a reward for having a conversation with you. Build a bond.

Most of all — if you ever feel overwhelmed, ask for help. That’s what people like me and BoyDog Design are for.

If you’d like to read some articles about social media, I’ve posted a few the past few days on the BoyDog Design Facebook page. Feel free to check them out.


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