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I continue to be impressed with the willingness of the design community to share information. Links, tutorials, books, samples, templates, fonts – you name it and it can be found online. I’d like to contribute to this stash of information by making my bookmarks available to anyone who browses my blog.

Delicious offers bookmarks collected by its members. The range of interests are vast. For me, you will find that my bookmarks coincide with my interest in graphic design, advertising, web design, marketing, industrial design, and the range of software used in those pursuits.

Please, feel free to browse the bookmarks. You just might find the information you need. I would also like to encourage you to add to my bookmark list via email, posting to my blog, or sharing via your delicious account.

The best thing about delicious bookmarks is that they are always available to you as long as you have access to a computer with an internet connection. I started using delicious because I wanted to have my bookmarks available to me wherever I was and on whichever computer I might be working on at the time.

Give a try. Browse my bookmarks. I hope you find something of interest. Maybe you’ll find some answers for things that have you stumped. Enjoy!

Seeing these wonderful designs brings a smile to my face. Even though my main focus has been design (graphic and web) and advertising I’ve found that I am drawn to industrial design. There’s something about a three-dimensional object that gets to me.

There’s a rhythm to their form. It’s like dance converted to a solid state. Add functionality to the mix and it’s an amazing accomplishment.

I look forward to purchasing these stamps – not to use of course – to keep as inspiration.


I’ve always found it fascinating how effective it can be to simply repackage a product and generate a new response to the same item. Take a generic cereal for example and put it in a new brightly colored and illustrated box and watch it jump off the shelf as you walk down the aisle in a supermarket. I love to check out the various labels for wines and beer. Some are beautiful and inspiring. Mostly I walk away wondering who came up with the design. I always wonder if I could do work like that.

A new “Legacy” bottle is being rolled out across the country for Dr. Pepper Snapple products. What do you think – Hit? or Miss? It will be interesting to hear the feedback as the design hits the shelves.

To learn more about the bottle redesign you can check out this article in Media Bistro or read the press release introducing the design.


Mexican artist Gabriel Dawe creates huge three-dimensional art installations using Gütermann thread.


As I browse through my emails and RSS feeds this morning I’m finding a pattern in what interests me – anything and everything that is INSPIRING. I love color. I enjoy its use and combinations and found this article very inspiring. It would be fantastic if, as a designer, we were allowed to follow our creative flow and run with color. But, alas, that opportunity rarely happens.

Immerse yourself in color and ponder all the possibilities…