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For myself, any article about color is fascinating. I realize, I’m a designer, and so it’s only natural that I find this topic interesting. Over the years I’ve had to work with clients to complete various types of projects. Whether a print job or web-based, all of these projects used color for impact, continuity, branding, emotional hook, etc. Recently I came across this article, “Things Designers Need To Know About Color” (via Naldz Graphics), and thought it would be helpful for non-designers as well.

Any information I can pass along to current or future clients can only benefit our working relationship. I encourage everyone to read this article and hopefully you will learn something new or gain a better understanding of the many aspects of the use of color. The next time you are faced with a creative challenge that utilizes color I hope you will remember some of the facts from this article. If you are a non-designer working with a design professional I hope this information helps the communication process.